All around the world leading ski teams trust in technology from Toko. Innovative from the very beginning:

  • Toko Liquid Wax
  • Toko Paste Wax
  • Toko Base Cleaning Tools
  • Toko Edge Tuning Tools
  • Toko Care Line
  • Toko Rub on Wax
  • Toko Workshop Wax
  • Toko Base Repair Tools
  • Toko Fixation Devices
Ever since the company was founded, the development of advanced products has been an essential component of the Toko philosophy. Today, Toko is a leading global company with excellent future prospects in the areas of ski, textile and footware.

Care Line - Optimum care for your functional wear

When you buy it, your functional gear is both breathable and weather-proof and thus prepared for any outdoor adventure. With time and a few washing cycles later, your high-tech gear is damaged and becomes less effective. With the use of Toko Care products, you restore its functions and prolong the lifetime of your functional wear and gear.

The fluor free TOKO Eco Wash-In impregnation is new in our TOKO Proof product line. Clean and simple, you use it in the next washing cycle, which makes it a great alternative for all who quickly want to get started with optimum weather protection.

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