HEAD is one of the worlds largest manufacturer and marketer of winter sports products including:

  • Head Skis
  • Head Ski Boots
  • Head Sportswear
  • Head Snowboards & Snowboard Bindings
  • Head Goggles & Helmets
  • Head Bags & Accessories
HEAD leads the way with superior performance through superior technology & innovation. The company was founded in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, in 1950 by aeronautical engineer Howard Head, after he took a ski trip and was astonished to see his skis were made of wood in an era when metals and plastics were replacing wood in many product designs. Head worked at the Glenn L. Martin Company where they used a form of aluminum and plastic laminate to build the fuselages of aircraft, and he felt the same material would make an ideal ski. After two years of constantly breaking skis, by the winter of 1950 they had a design that not only stayed together, but made turning dramatically easier.

The Head Standard would rapidly grow in sales through the 1950s, until it and other Head designs were capturing over 50% of the US market during the 1960s, making HEAD the leading ski manufacturer in the U.S. and the UK.

Today, HEAD is still pioneering innovation and with racing in its DNA, attaracts the worlds best athletes with its products.



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